Jolong Worktop

Jolong worktops are widely used in the whole house customization including your kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Slab is made of European particle board which is formed by hot-pressing technology with features of environmentally friendly and long-lasting life. It can be created with different textures from glossy to matt, and can also be made with multiple finishes such as resemble timber, natural stone and metal. They are extremely hard-wearing and stain-resistant, plus they are typically features resistant to heat which makes it a great choice to use around cooktops.

Wood Grain Series

Natural wood grain

Solid wood grain

Exquisite wood grain

Growth ring grain

Ancient wood grain

Stone Grain Series

Black sandstone grain

Light grey sandstone grain

Pure jadeite grain

Dark brown granite grain

Metal Grain Series

Light grey metallic grain

Black metallic grain

Light Series

White light marble grain

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