High-end Whole House Customization

Create a new consumer proposition of minimalism and light luxury Provide high-end customization of Italian light luxury for the elite

Melamine Series

Smoked Wood Grain TV Cabinet

Smoky color as a modern color that has never been out of the ordinary
It’s a reproduction and innovation of the trend
Smoked wood grain texture is random and unique
Has fascinating characteristics
Calm and comfortable dark
The tone creates a harmonious and comfortable home environment
That aways from the noise

Smoked Wood Grain Open Cabinet

Smoked wood grain
Let the wood be reborn Interpret the most essential light luxury aesthetics
Leave a timeless classic

Smoked Wood Grain Wardrobe

Exquisite tone, unique texture, rich layering
Hues collide between hot and cold
Permeated with the beauty of low-key luxury

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