Corner Stacker Door

Corner Stacker Door

We sell and install our Corner Stacker Door in all the major capitals across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you choose the best Corner Stacker Door for your needs.


100/150/200 series aluminium thermal break corner sliding door

• Aluminium frame with thermal-break technology (PA66 Nylon insulator) for higher structural strength and energy efficiency
• High-quality powder coat finish offers durability and low maintenance.
• All double-glazed units are filled with Argon Gas for higher strength, improved acoustic effect and energy ratings.
• Jolong hardware and multi-point lock system provide security and reliable performance.
• Corner stacker door with no corner post for the maximum alfresco area.
• Heavy-duty mesh flyscreen door.

Corner Stacker Door

Handles & Locking System

Powerful and durable, safe and secure;
Modern and fashionable, ergonomic design;
Smooth lines and elegant appearance;
Blends in with the color of the profile.

Sliding & Stacker Door Handles

Sliding & Stacker Door Hardware



Glazing Options

Double toughened glass
Triple toughened glass
Low-e double toughened glass
5mm low-e+12Ar+5mm, 6mm double low-e+12Ar+6mm,
5mm low-e+12Ar+5mm gray double toughened glass
Laminated glass
6.38mm normal obscured laminated+12Ar+5mm
6.38mm normal obscured laminated+12Ar+5mm low-e
Tinted glass
5mm+12Ar+5mm gray double toughened glass.

Other options are available, please contact us for details.

Awning Window Color

Extrusions are mainly consisted of two categories, one is ordinary aluminum hot extruded extrusion (that is, non-thermal extrusion), and the other is thermal aluminum extrusion. Based on different compounding methods, the thermal one can be divided into strip-type aluminum thermal extrusions and cast-type aluminum thermal extrusion.

Our extrusions are available in a variety of colours to complement your sweet home.


Heavy-duty stainless mesh
The surface protection of heavy-duty stainless mesh adopts electrostatic spraying treatment, which is of high anti-rust, anti-destructive, and strong anti-destructive ability.
The mesh can be widely used for office areas, residences, airports, resorts, banks and other living places.

Stainless steel mesh
The mesh is beautiful and durable, with anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, not easy to wear, and high-strength performance.
The high-density nature can effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.
It is an ideal choice for residences office areas and shopping malls.

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