85 Series Thermal Break Awning Window

Introducing the 85 Series Thermal Break Awning Window specially crafted to bring both functionality and style to homes and businesses, in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. With a focus on precision and quality this window seamlessly blends practicality with elegance. What sets the 85 Series apart is its opening design that combines the flexibility of a window with the sophistication of a casement window. Made from aluminum with a thickness ranging from 1.8 to 2.0 mm it ensures lasting durability. The use of automotive grade fluorocarbon spray for surface treatment guarantees a finish that will remain pristine for, over 15 years.

Opening Type

Awning Window, Casement Window

Surface Treatment

Utilizing automotive-grade fluorocarbon spray surface treatment, with a quality guarantee of over 15 years

Common Colour

Monument, black, white, available in special customized colour

Aluminium Profile Thickness

Incorporating PA66 multi-loculated thermal break strips to provide excellent thermal insulation performance

Sealing Strips Configuration

Standard configuration with EPDM Isobaric sealing strips + EPDM soft and hard combined sealing strip seal. Achieve better sealing performance

Glass Configuration

Standard 5mm + 20A + 5mm Argon gas filled double glazed, optional total thickness up to 27 ~ 34mm Multi-Argon gas filled glazed

Flyscreen Configuration

Detachable Flyscreen easy to clean and maintain

Combined U Value

Minimum combined U value: 1.8 W/m2*K

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