65 series steel thermal broken hinged doors and windows

Check out our 65 Series Metal Doors and Windows is made for homes in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. Made strong with a 1.5mm build and a top-notch spray for color, they last long. With special glass fiber and nylon + foam sealing, these doors and windows keep the heat or cold out well. Make your place look good, save on energy, and stand up to wear with our 65 series steel thermal broken hinged doors and windows.

Opening Type

Opening inward, opening outward
Surface Treatment

Utilizing automotive-grade fluorocarbon spray surface treatment, with a quality guarantee of over 15 years

Common Colour
Monument, black, white, available in special customized colour

Aluminium Profile Thickness

Main profile of 1.5mm

Thermal Insulation Design
GF30% PA66 Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon + Polyurethane Thermal Insulation Sealing Strips
Sealing Strips Configuration
Using EPDM sealant strips to achieve better sealing performance
Glass Configuration
Standard 6mm + 12A + 6mm Argon gas filled double glazed, optional total thickness up to 24 ~ 27mm Multi-Argon gas filled glazed
Combined U Value

Minimum combined U value: 2.2 W/m2*K

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